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El Triste


Duration: 13:00 mins

A Drama that takes place on the backstage of a marionette show. El Triste, a poorly crafted marionette, is going through an existential crisis and decides to do all it takes to prove to himself and his fellow puppets that he is valuable and worthy of attention. 

Starring - Cain Carias as "El Triste" & Matt Scott as "Gaspard"

Written & Directed by Manuel Del Valle

Produced by Edgar Cortés Campoy, Sebastian Torres Greene

Executive Producer - Manuel Del Valle

First Assistant Director - Luke Leidelmeyer

Second Assistant Director - Laura Martinez

Director of Photography - Olivia Gastaldo

Art Direction - Cristian Quintanilla

Editor - Danica Studioso

Original Scoring by Juan Carlos Enriquez

StoryBoard Artist - Juan Pedro Soto

Gaffer - Davey Huang

Key Grip - Christopher Sinneman

First Assistant Camera - Maria Arango, Andrea Fuentes & Luisa Betancourt

Second Assistant Camera - León Guallart & Zenzele Moore-Ysaguirre

Transportation - Carl Argueta

BTS - Bruno Dávila

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