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Duration: 16:30

A prehistoric family's desperate search for a mythical source of life turns into tragedy when the

egos and obsessions of their male members rise to the surface.


Zuyémi - Alejandra Herrera

Bájme - Estanislao Marin

Tajyakúm - Fernando Rojasbarr

Yamaník - Isaías Mora Vargas



Directed by Manuel Del Valle & Sebastián Torres Greene

Written by Manuel Del Valle, Sebastián Torres Greene & Erik Hirschhorn

Produced by Manuel Del Valle, Sebastián Torres Greene, Erik Hirschhorn,

Diego Andoni Rubio & Edgar Cortés Campoy

Original Score by Juan Mendizabal

Director of Photography - J. Daniel Zuñiga

Art Director - Mario Castro

Editor - Federico Conforti

Sound Supervisor and Mixers - Joel Argüelles & Christian Giraud

First Assistant Director - Diego Andoni Rubio

Colorist - Stephen Derluguian



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